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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would pop a little note on here about adventure boot camp and how much fun it is. I did the very 1st boot camp in May and another in August,and I have just started again. Its been so much fun and all the girls are fantastic we have such a good time. Its hard now as its dark when we start and so hard to get out of bed, but once your up and out the fresh air and exercise leaves you feeling great for the whole day! Kelly is an excellent & supportive trainer who makes everyone feel welcome. There is a warning with bootcamp and that is its soooo addictive, believe me once you start you will find it hard stop. Its such great fun so come on and join us XXXX

The Amazing Powerplate

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to come on here and write about the powerplate for ages so here goes. I started using the powerplate about 3/4 months ago and its honestly one of the best machines I have ever used. Although it does not have the cardiovascular benefits, the muscle definition and the toning really make up for it. Kelly does programs to suit what you require maybe fat burn, strength or even flexability. At the moment my program is pretty advanced with all the options combined, fat burn, strength, flexability and massage. I use the powerplate 2 mornings a week, because its very powerful you need to give your muscles time to recover after using it. Another brilliant thing is its the sessions are so quick, for me is about 40/45mins now but I did start off at about 25/30 mins. This is equivalent to over an hour of weights at the gym or body pump class. I took two weeks off over xmas and was asked to notice whether I had changed at all and in that short time it was scary how I had lost some of the muscle definition I gained. I thoroughly recommend the power plate to anyone and can rant about it all day. It has changed me and it will definately be a part of my exercising for a very long time. Go on give it a go

Sarah XXX

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