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Dear Kelly

Could you send me some prices re your personal training.
I have done this before, I used to be Donna Nuttall before I married.
I now own a restaurant with my husband. The hours are long, eating eratic and I need some help to get my figure back.

Look forward to hearing from you, hope you are well.


Hi Kelly. Could you give me some advice on what is best to do. I would ideally like to attend your boot camps, however, due to children and husband working in London, the only time I have to do any exercise is after half seven in the evening.
I have had numerous operations on my left knee due to worn cartilage. I can't kneel for long on that knee and do not like running as I am scared I will hurt my knee again.

Will considered most things to help get fitter, lose weight (especially baby belly)



hello kelly, please could you send me a list of prices re personal training, i really need to lose weight as i just keep getting bigger! i really want to make the most of when i do exercise and do the right exercise for me thankyou!!!


Hi Kelly, I currently have both wrists in plaster and I am therefore limited in what I can do. Would you be able to design a home programm for me that does include some cardio and lots of leg work without any lower arm and hand involvement. Could you please send me your fees please. Thank you

Please let me know how it works Kelly

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